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The first app that helps users report and track ticks in real time. Download now to start tracking and help educate in the battle against tick borne illness!

How TickTracker℠ Works

Tick Sighting

See a tick? Log it and help track ticks in your area or areas you visit.

Safely Remove Ticks

How to remove and log a tick on yourself, a family member or animal.

Tick Map

Based on several data sources and real-time tick tracking with TickTracker, view the tick severity index in your area.

Tick Safety

Educate yourself about how to be more proactive in helping prevent tick bites on you, your family and animals.

TickTracker Story

In July of 2017, 13-year-old Olivia was on vacation in Missouri with her family. While outside Olivia noticed a tick on her dog, Mo (short for Missouri). Olivia & her mom watched the tick start to burrow into Mo’s leg. They quickly found needle nose tweezers to properly remove the tick from Mo. As Olivia was removing the tick she asked her mom, “Is there an app that can show what ticks are around us?” That night Olivia looked online and found that currently there was no app to help track, report, and educate people about ticks. This gave Olivia the idea to create the TickTracker app to help keep everyone safe.

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