How TickTracker℠ Works

Tick Sighting

Tick Sighting

See a tick? Log it and help track ticks in your area or areas you visit.

Remove Ticks

Safely Remove Ticks

Educate on how to remove and log the removal of a tick on yourself, a family member or animal.

Tick Map

Tick Map

Based on several data sources and real-time tick tracking with TickTracker, view the tick severity index in your area.

Tick Safety

Tick Safety

Educate yourself about how to be more proactive in helping prevent tick bites on you, your family and animals.

TickTracker Story

In July of 2017, 13-year-old Olivia was on vacation in Missouri with her family. While outside Olivia noticed a tick on her dog, Mo (short for Missouri). Olivia & her mom watched the tick start to burrow into Mo’s leg. They quickly found needle nose tweezers to properly remove the tick from Mo. As Olivia was removing the tick she asked her mom, “Is there an app that can show what ticks are around us?” That night Olivia looked online and found that currently there was no app to help track, report, and educate people about ticks. This gave Olivia the idea to create the TickTracker app to help keep everyone safe.

LivLyme Foundation

Olivia is also the founder of LivLyme Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting the work of researchers and scientists who are dedicated to finding the effective treatment for Lyme disease and ultimately finding the cure. LivLyme Foundation also provides assistance to children and their families struggling with Lyme Disease through education and funding.

Learn more at http://livlymefoundation.org

Olivia and Mo

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TickTracker FAQs

By subscribing/integrating with our API, you can leverage the power or our Patent Pending tick severity index in your website and/or mobile applications.

If you are interested in integrating our API into your website or app, please contact us at app@ticktracker.com.

TickTracker is currently available through the Apple and Google Play App stores in the United States and Canada.

TickTracker is free to the public to download via the Apple and Android App Stores. We are encouraging everyone to download and start helping us track tick sightings and bitings in order to help our communities better understand the spread of ticks and tick-borne diseases.

TickTracker was initially invented and is funded and endorsed by the LivLyme Foundation.

The data will be used for research to learn more about tick migration, outbreaks, hotspots, etc.  The LivLyme TickTracker research team will analyze this data on its own & in partnership with scientists, researchers, & clinicians approved by the LivLyme Foundation.
The LivLyme Foundation will provide information about its findings to the public through publications of white papers, peer reviewed articles, our website & alerts on your smart phones.

The data we display is from the data we collect live via the app. It along with several other vetted/trusted data sources is used to help display a tick severity index in your local area with the overall goal of education and prevention of tick-borne diseases.

We will not sell your personal information, however, we will share your tick sighting and biting information in order to help us display TickTracker’s Tick Severity Index. We also may share the information you sent us about the sighting or bite with other sources in order to collaborate with the scientific and technology community to better educate everyone on the current and potential future threat of ticks in your geographic area or geographic areas you visit or plan to visit.

TickTracker is a mobile app developed to help educate everyone as well as assist in the fight against tick-borne diseases by logging and tracking tick sightings and bitings. Our goal is to learn where ticks are and are migrating to in order to help educate and prevent against tick-borne diseases.

TickTracker Mobile App

Meet The Team

Olivia Goodreau - Inventor LivLyme Foundation - TickTracker

Olivia Goodreau

Creator/Inventor of TickTracker and Founder of The LivLyme Foundation

Holiday Goodreau - LivLyme Foundation - TickTracker Mobile App

Holiday Goodreau

CEO/Co-Inventor of TickTracker

President of The LivLyme Foundation

Health & Human Services, Tickborne Disease Working Group, Subcommittee Member, “Access to Care & Patient Support”.

Jeff Stauffer - LivLyme Foundation - TickTracker

Jeff Stauffer

TickTracker’s own Chief Information Officer (CIO)

thePLAN - Digital Design Development - Mobile-Apps - TickTracker

App Team

Design and development experts from thePLAN helping to build and evolve TickTracker, cause Ticks Suck!

TickTracker Collaborators


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TickTracker App
TickTracker - iPhone - Android - Mobile App by LivLyme Foundation

Sponsor or Subscribe to our API

We plan on utilizing funding from our partners to continue to evolve our App and data platform.

If you are interested in sponsorship/advertising, subscriptions or integrating into our API, please contact us at app@ticktracker.com.

By subscribing/integrating with our API, you can leverage the power or our Patent Pending tick severity index in your website and/or mobile applications.

Use the form below for general inquiries, comments and questions.

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