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7/7/18 | New app helps fight ticks

New app helps fight ticks

5/7/18 |

App of the year is TickTracker!

3/7/18 | Action News 4 Pittsburgh

Teen battling Lyme disease develops app for tracking ticks

6/3/18 | WDAY News 6 North Dakota

New App helps Fight Ticks

5/1/18 | ABC 7 Washington D.C.

Track tick sightings and bitings with the new TickTracker App

3/6/18 |

Young girl starts foundation to help those with Lyme disease

5/10/18 | Lewis Critter Gitter

Pest Tech: Teen Creates Tick Tracking App

3/8/18 |

Olivia’s story, the LivLyme Foundation and the TickTracker app

3/2/18 | FOX 5 New York

Teenager fights for progress in Lyme disease research